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Why would you want to work with Kaitlin?

Kaitlin is a real estate broker servicing Dallas, TX.

Her knowledge of real estate runs deep. She provides top notch customer service, always putting her clients first, even when that means not getting a sale. 

She has been working in the in real estate industry for 15 years, and selling real estate for 10 years. Kaitlin has worked directly with several industry leaders. 

Ask for referrals from past clients. She would be happy to put you in touch with some of her clients that can speak to their experience of working with Kaitlin.


The Basics

Kaitlin was born in Washington DC, moved to The Woodlands in the mid-90s, spent many years in Austin before settling down in Dallas, her husband's hometown and now live in the neighborhood he grew up in. 

Intro to real estate

Kaitlin dipped her toes into the real estate industry when her mother, Kathleen Merchant, got her sales license. Kaitlin handled all of Kathleen's marketing, helping her grow to be a top producer and boutique-style high-end agent within Kathleen's first few years in the business. 

Early career

Kaitlin went on to work with a start-up media consulting firm during and after earning her finance degree at The University of Texas. She helped new companies put business plans together and prepare their pitches for funding. She worked on mergers & acquisitions of media companies and high-profile blogs. Kaitlin wrote white papers on relevant industry topics, such as the impact of sub-prime lending on the media industry. 

Corporate and research

Next, Kaitlin began working with the research department of Keller Williams Realty Inc.'s headquarters. As a member of the powerhouse team for six years, she served as Senior Research Analyst and Interim Department Head. Her team was responsible for tracking trends in the industry, distilling relevant economic, and housing market data into "News You Can Use" for the company's 100,000+ agents and the agent's some 2-3 million clients. Kaitlin regularly worked directly with Gary Keller, the founder of Keller Williams, real estate and business guru, and best selling author of The One Thing and The Millionaire Real Estate series. 

The Vision Speech is a 2-3 hour speech about the real estate market that kicks off the annual "Family Reunion" convention of 10,000+ agents and is the landmark project for the research department. Pictured to the right (or below if on mobile). Kaitlin was instrumental in molding it from a scraggly powerpoint to a polished and professional keynote. The 105 page pdf can be found here

Kaitlin keeps up with what's happening in the real estate industry, the world, and the economy. She uses this information to help her clients. 

Kaitlin continues to take on contract projects writing real estate courses, conducting interviews, and survey design. 

Real estate sales

As a real estate agent with Keller Williams, Kaitlin sold more real estate than 85% of agents while also working as Senior Research Analyst. She thrives on a fast-paced and varied life. Real Estate Brokers have additional experience and education requirements from Sales Agents. Kaitlin decided to become a real estate broker to grow her sales business.


Kaitlin has had a long time interest in owning and fixing up properties. In college, she was on the lookout for potential properties, always looking at ways she could improve them. She has always had a propensity for picking neighborhoods with strong appreciation potential. 

When Kaitlin bought her first home, she tore down walls (pictured), scraped popcorn ceilings, ripped up carpet, laid down beautiful new laminate floors, refreshed a grungy bathroom with travertine tile and a clean pallet. She bought her second home a year later. This time she repaired a pier & beam foundation, ripped out a 1950s roach infested kitchen and replaced it with a gorgeous new white shaker wood cabinets with butcher block counters and a glass tile backsplash, refinished original hardwood floors, and brought the bathroom back to mid-century charm also pictured to the right (or below). She bought her next much larger house. Here she repaired a slab foundation, had the cast iron drain lines replaced with PVC, completed another kitchen remodel opening up the space (pictured), installed new solid hardwood floors throughout the house, custom stained all trim work to match, and replaced interior and exterior doors. Most recently, she and her husband purchased a home in Dallas which is still a work in progress. The kitchen was already remodeled and she's thankful to not have another one of those to do right now. 

Shortly after her last two purchases in Austin, lists came out naming the neighborhoods "top picks" and she saw her property values skyrocket within one year of purchasing. Real estate investing is a passion of Kaitlin's. She would love to talk about how you can add real estate investing to your portfolio. 

It runs in the family

Real estate runs deep in the veins of Kaitlin's family. As mentioned above, her mother is an accomplished agent, including being awarded Texas Monthly's Five Star Agent nine years in a row. She also holds the record for #1 success rate in the Houston area. When she takes a listing, she sells it. After retiring from 35+ years as the Senior Vice President of Operations for large retail companies, where building new stores was included in his many responsibilities, her father joined in on the real estate game. With a last name like Merchant, it's no wonder they're all in sales. 

Even a large portion of her husband's, Ward BB Davison, law practice is dedicated to real estate law cases. As in life, Kaitlin and Ward are great business partners. His legal expertise is an excellent benefit for Kaitlin's clients.

The rest of life

Outside of real estate sales and renovations, Kaitlin's interests include spending time with her family, painting at her studio (pictured to the right or below, see other work at kdmerchant.com), reading, and traveling, especially if it involves beaches, mountains, and friends.


Ward Davison


Ward Davison is a licensed attorney in the State of Texas. He graduated from of SMU's Dedman School of Law where he was one of ten students awarded the National Order of Barristers, given to students who demonstrate excellence in advocacy (trial).

His first job allowed him to supervise several dozen attorneys on one of the largest Anti-Trust cases of the decade. After an intense 18 months, he left his hometown of Dallas, Texas and moved to Austin to open his own Criminal Defense practice. There he quickly came under the tutelage of some of the most highly regarded criminal attorneys in Travis County. He has since returned to his hometown of Dallas.

While still enjoying the excitement that comes with daily commutes to the criminal courthouses, Ward devotes more than half of his time to Business & Real Estate law. These often revolve around contract disputes, sales contracts and landlord/tenant or eviction issues. Each case is analyzed to determine of there are possible exemplary damages or some form of injunctive relief that can accomplish the client's goals. 

Ward maintains a presence in the community through his professional memberships, volunteering to teach Sunday school at church, and supporting local businesses through patronage and providing pro bono services.


Kaitlin Merchant Davison Real Estate.jpg
Kaitlin and Research Department on stage with kw's founder Gary Keller for Vision Speech Keller Williams Family Reunion convention

Kaitlin and Research Department on stage with kw's founder Gary Keller for Vision Speech Keller Williams Family Reunion convention

Kaitlin talking about student loan burden on Millennials and the impact on First Time Buyers during Vision Speech

Kaitlin talking about student loan burden on Millennials and the impact on First Time Buyers during Vision Speech

Putting the charm back in the vintage bathroom

Putting the charm back in the vintage bathroom

Kaitlin's Art Studio

Kaitlin's Art Studio

Before & After of Kitchen

Before & After of Kitchen

Before & After of Kitchen

Before & After of Kitchen

Opening up the space at first house

Opening up the space at first house