Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is one of Kaitlin’s passions. She has had rental property and has helped clients to find rental property. Kaitlin loves to find a great deal and identify areas with significant appreciation potential. 

There are two main types of real estate investing

  1. Buy & Hold. This is when a property is purchased and rented. Returns come in the form of rental income cash flow, mortgage principal pay down, and property appreciation. Talk to a CPA about taxes when considering a buy & hold investment property.

  2. Flip. There's no shortage of examples of flips around, especially on HGTV. Usually a property is purchased in sub-par condition, it is brought up to standard through maintain repairs and brought up the asethetic standards through renovations. Returns come from purchasing under market, renovating (possibly with sweat equity or ability to achieve an in-style look on a budget, or having established relationships with a crew that can perform on budget and in time), and reselling. This tends to be a higher-risk investment as unknown and expensive problems can arise and it can take longer to complete - in these cases, time is money.