Selling Your Home

The most common reasons for selling a home are:

  • To buy a bigger ("move up") or smaller ("downsize") home

  • Life events: addition to the family, marriage, divorce, death, extended family moving in

  • Work or life related moves

  • Desire for a different location

  • Desire for a newer home

If you fall into one of these categories, you're in good company. Maybe your move is for an entirely different reason. Some of these are exciting reasons, some are heartbreaking. Kaitlin can walk you through the process with compassion and empathy, regardless of the reason.

Selling a home involves a few major steps:

  1. Getting it market-ready

  2. Discerning the market list price

  3. Marketing the property

  4. Negotiating the offer

  5. Navigating Contract to Close

  6. Closing

Pre-Marketing Preparations


Decluttering and staging, whether it's with your own furniture or decor rented from a staging company, literally sets the stage. It neutralizes your home for a universal appeal, showing off its best face. You want buyers to be able to envision themselves living in your home. Think of it like a hotel room, most guests want to walk into a clean, simple room. If the previous guest left baby and wedding pictures, worn out throw pillows, and earmarked book on the bedside table, you might not feel comfortable in the room. 

Kaitlin's artistic eye and experience with renovations and design uniquely suit her to help with your staging. She can help optimize what you have and add to it on a budget. She also has a network of specialized stagers.


Sprucing up your property's curb appeal can make a big difference in the buyer's first impression. 


Your property's presence online is everything. Professional high quality photographs are imperative to showing off the best face for your home. Kaitlin works with fantastic photographers and also occasionally takes listing photographs. Kaitlin trained in photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. 


Determining the optimal price for your home, set by market conditions, is extremely important to getting it sold 1) quickly 2) for the best price 3) with the least hassle.

Kaitlin's background in finance shines in pricing strategies. 


Kaitlin's 8 step marketing plan helps to get your home sold for top dollar. Call her today to find out what she does to get your home sold. 

Contract to Close

After Kaitlin's marketing plan gets you offers, and the offer is negotiated and agreed to, Kaitlin is involved throughout the contract-to-close process, which includes:

Inspection and Repair negotiationS

Kaitlin coordinates the inspection appointment and handles all repair negotiations.


Kaitlin likes meet the appraiser at the property during the appraisal. She provides the comparable properties used to discern market price of the home and provides additional information that may not be easily discovered by the appraiser.


Kaitlin will coordinate with the title company and review closing documents with you.